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Posts and holes

Updated: May 25, 2020

Digging the holes is the first step of visible progress on the cabin. Before digging the holes, we had to haul nine 8’ posts and fifteen 80lb bags of concrete. This was the most painstaking and time-consuming process so far. In our car, we could fit three posts and ~5 bags of concrete at a time. We were getting the materials from Home Depot each time, which is a 25 minute drive from the cabin. We only had to do three trips there and back to Home Depot, which means driving alone took 2 hours and 30 minutes. The Cabin is about 0.3 miles from where you can pull the car into the land. It took two people to carry a post, and one person to wheelbarrow two bags of concrete. With only three people, it’s fair to say this took a long time.

Once the posts were at the site, we could start digging the holes. There are 15 holes that need to be dug, each of them 3’ deep. This is going to be another time consuming job, put it will be less painstaking. We have 3 different types of shovels and a post hole digger, which make for a pretty smooth dig.

At this point in time we have figured out exactly where the holes need to be, and have dug about 5 holes at 3’. To get the holes square required a bit of math, because we had to use the Pythagorean theorem to make sure all corners were right angles. This proved to be a lot harder than you would think because of how difficult the imperial units are to work with.

Our job site is neat and organized now, and I am really pleased with how it all looks. We have the main site where the cabin is going to be, with the posts and cement under a tarpaulin on the site. Behind that is a large stack of chopped firewood, along with some short logs ready to be chopped. To the left of that are our tools. We have two big heavy duty containers containing everything from nails to a circular saw. Our long tools such as the axe, the shovels, the rakes, the saw horses, and the level are right next to the containers. The containers and the tools all fit under one tarpaulin. Further to the left of our tools is the neat stack of 12’ logs. That’s our job site in a nutshell.

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