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What we're doing

My brother, my Dad, and I are building a cabin in the woods. We love the outdoors, and we spend as much time as we can in it. We love mountain biking, skiing, fishing, hiking, and pretty much anything else you can do in nature.


When we purchased a 30+ acre block of untouched woods, we knew we would have a field day working on it. First, we made mountain biking trails, which were great, but needed a companion. That's when we decided to build a cabin in the woods where no one could find it. We started to research designs and finally found one we loved. The cabin will have a loft for sleeping, a deck for taking in the view, a wood stove for cooking, and many other things that will make this small cabin feel like a home. We're excited to share the journey with you and hope you enjoy what we're doing.

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